About us

Our Company

We are one of the leading distributors of hotel amenities. Through strong and long-term relationships with customers and other partners, we plan and execute creative and customized products, innovative and attractive packaging, and cost effective solutions in a fast-paced business environment.

Sparium has been offering products and services that exceed the high standards that hotels and resorts expect and demand for their guests at competitive prices.

We offer all kinds of hotel amenities. We invented and will continue to invent more Eco-friendly products. Personalized designs are welcomed.  We always accept new ideas and make them come to life.

Introduce your guests to the incomparable world of sparium products, scented with the highest quality original fragrances. Our products evoke the spirit of the French Countryside and bring this unforgettable experience of renewal to your guests.

Sparium specializes in supplying amenities with personalized labels. Products include the following:

1 – Shower gels

2 – Shampoos

3 – Conditioners

4 – Body lotions

5 – Bath soaps – wrapped or boxed

6 – Glycerin soap

7 – Bath salt

8 – Shower caps

9 – Slippers

10 – Sewing kits

11 – Dental kits

12 – Shaving kits

13 – Vanity kits

14 – Shoe shines sponge, or mitts

15 – Combs

16- Sanitary bags

17 – Emery Board

18 – Shoe horns

19 – Loufa and Bath Ball